July 29, 2015


There are many products that we use everyday (or every month in this case) that are not pretty. They are not chic, but they are functional. Today's post is 100% about functionality. Today's post is about tampons. Exciting, right? 

I was recently introduced to Lola. A company that is taking a modern approach to feminine care.  
Lola tampons are 100% biodegradable, made with cotton sourced from Europe and a BPA free compact plastic application, utilized for comfort. “We realized if we want to get into the tampon industry, we’re going to have to brand our own products where we are 100% straightforward with women about what is in it and make it a natural ingredient,” says Friedman.

Since today's world is all about convenience, Lola makes it easy to avoid your monthly trip to the grocery store to buy tampons. They deliver exactly what you need when you need it. And not to worry, commitment phobes—you can pause, adjust, or cancel your subscription anytime.

Unlike the major tampon brands that don't disclose their ingredients, Lola tells you absolutely everything. No BS, no mystery fibers, no more doubts about what's going in your body.

Since I care so much about everything that I put on or in my body...food, cosmetics, etc. Lola is the perfect product for me. I took advantage of their "first time buyer" offer and got two boxes for $9. Unfortunately my shipment arrived just after "Aunt Flo's" departure, so I will have to wait for next months visit to give you my verdict. I'm pretty sure I'll be saying adios to Tampax. 


  1. Thank you for this post! I have been looking for a natural tampon for a while now and the pharmacies don't have much to offer. I hadn't gotten around to researching on Amazon either, so thanks!