July 10, 2015

C & C in the Kitchen: Snack Pro Tip

In the food world there are the things that just go together...peanut butter and jelly...french fries and ketchup....cheese and crackers. And then there are those combos that you think would be weird and gross, but are quite the opposite. A colleague at work recently introduced me to one of those combos. I love hummus. LOVE IT. My favorite is the regular Trader Joe's brand. I'll eat it with carrots, pita chips, rice crackers...you name it. 

So when my colleague was cutting up an apple to eat with hummus at work, I was intrigued. She gave me a slice and I WAS SOLD. I know it sounds weird, but if you like hummus and you like apples, this is for you. Happy snacking. 


  1. apples & hummus seem like an interesting combination. i may have to try it!

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