April 27, 2015

Meanwhile Back in Washington

This weekend Dr. B and I ventured 3+ hours north to State College, Pennsylvania to check something off my bucket list - a Garth Brooks concert (he made sure we were merchandised out, and yes this hat will be on repeat during the weekends).

The 2-hour adult sing along was EVERYTHING I'd hoped for and more. The man can entertain. And of course we experienced a little bit of Penn State with a post-concert stop at The Diner for the world famous Grilled Stickies - doughy buttery, cinnamon, goodness heated up on a grill - aka a complete sugar bomb (yes, I am on the reboot, but you only see Garth Brooks once and I had a very small piece)! 

Meanwhile, back in Washington, there was a little event going on...you might have heard of it - the White House Correspondents' Dinner? Dr. B and I had THE BEST time last year (post here in case you missed it) but I must say, Garth was SO MUCH BETTER! That doesn't mean we can't do a virtual glance back at the best dressed of the night. 

Let's start with my girl crush, Ivanka Trump - what a bombshell. I would have DIED to meet her. The girl has brains and beauty, works her butt off, and is a strong woman I can identify with (minus the billions). And have you seen her hunk of a husband? I'm pretty sure if we lived in the same town, we'd be friends. 

Chanel Iman was a beauty in silvery, blue. The color, the neckline....pure perfection. 

Sophia Bush looked radiant in emerald green and the train is stunning. I wonder how many times people stepped on it in the jam-packed Hilton ballroom? #occupationalhazard

I dont' know who Brit Marling is, but I LOVE this. The color blocking and color combination is fresh and youthful, yet sophisticated. I think I would have preferred her hair up, but what do I think this is, Fashion Police? 

I've got two words for Maria Menounos...damn girl. I'm not even offended by that little bit of side boob. 

I've loved Rebecca Gayhart since she played Toni on 90210 (I'm not sure I'll ever get over her dying in Dylan's porsche), and she and Eric Dane are just too pretty of a pair. 

Not a direct celeb, but Al Roker's wife looks ready for spring in this black and white, classic strapless silhouette. And they are just adorable together. 

We'll end with a favorite of the night. It makes me all Hollywood happy inside knowing that the on-air chemistry of Tea Leoni and Tim Daly is more than just an act and these two are dating! Though the excitement doesn't extend to her dress. Is that a broach? Perhaps she's channeling her inner, poorly-dressed secretary of state? I'm looking at you Hillary Clinton and Madeleine Albright. 

Until next year Nerd Prom. 


  1. Actually, Al Roker’s wife is a “direct celeb”. Deborah Roberts is a longtime journalist for ABC News. She regularly does segments on 20/20.

    1. Very good point! I was thinking more of the Hollywood, social types :-)

  2. Graham had a class with Ivanka Trump in college - his big claim to fame is that she asked him for a pen once. I know, I know - big time. It went straight to his head. :)