April 24, 2015

Guest Post: Making La Madre

Hi C&C readers! I have been following Katie & Regan’s blog for the past five years and am happy to have my first guest post today. I started my blog, Making La Madre, back in September as I entered my third trimester to document my experience as a ‘hesitant madre’.

I post about maternity style & adjusting to motherhood with my four month old Mo.

Today I am here to share some of my favorite maternity style finds and hopefully introduce you to some new favorites.

THE HATCH COLLECTION BATEAU DRESS Have you heard of this brand? I love the concept. Well made & stylish clothes that you can wear before, during and after pregnancy. The cuts and draping make the clothes look great on all shapes and figures. I splurged on the Bateau dress early on in my pregnancy as I was looking for some retail therapy to help me usher in this new chapter of my life and I absolutely love the dress. I have already worn it post pregnancy and it still looks great.

TOPSHOP MATERNITY JEANS I did not splurge on any ‘designer denim’ for my pregnancy. I debated doing so but in the end it was not really worth it to me. Early on I bought some jeans from TOPSHOP’s maternity line and at the roughly $70 pricetag was very satisfied with them throughout my entire pregnancy. I also loved their denim cutoffs which I wore all summer.

MADEWELL TOPS & SWEATERS You likely already are a fan of Madewell and their tomboy style. I was not a big Madewell shopper prior to my pregnancy but after a walk into their shop at five months pregnant I was surprised to learn that so many of their silhouettes not only fit but also flattered a growing belly. A couple of my favorite items were: The Oversize Button Down Shirt & Anytime dress. Both fit all the way through my pregnancy and both have been items that I continue to wear now that the baby is out.

ASOS, ESPECIALLY THE DRESSES No surprise here, as this is a post on C&C, that ASOS would be mentioned! Katie & Regan were the ones to introduce me to the online shop and I have been a fan ever since! I ordered probably 30 different items throughout my pregnancy and was always pleased when they arrived within two days and I could try them on in the comfort of my own home & return the ones that didn’t work.

COS At about six months pregnant I took a work trip to Paris and had to visit the COS, the higher end sister store to H&M. Still affordable pieces but all designed with a more sleek aesthetic. I LOVE their stuff. Most of it is a line and again, much like Madewell, very flattering for a bump. I scooped up a black jersey dress & long wool cardigan. Very simple, well made & good looking basics.

Thanks for letting me share this with your readers! Happy to answer any maternity style questions and share more in the comments below!

xx Ly


  1. You look ethereal in that indigo and ivory dress! ASOS is an amazing store for maternity. They also happen to be having a sale right now. Score!


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