March 2, 2015

These Boots are Made for Katie

Last week I was in Texas for work (here's a little video about the project). And for one hot second of the trip I was in Austin (less than 24 hours). OF course we made a quick pit stop at the famous Allens Boots. 

If you want boots, this is the place to find them. They have every color, leather, price point... It's cowboy boot heaven. And of course you can't take this girl into a shoe store without finding at least ten one pair I want. 

Ariat and Pendleton got together in a little collaboration to make the Caldera Boots. And they make this Idaho girl swoon, hard core. 

I mustered up every little bit of self control in my body to not bring these home with me since I've bought a few things lately (posts to come) and am on a spending freeze. Thankfully (or not, as I'll have to see them and remember they're not mine), my colleague bought them so someone gets to enjoy these beauties. Enjoy MCL. I've got major boot envy. 

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