March 3, 2015

Mi Golondrina

Last week in Texas I got to spend the morning with the incredibly talented Cristina Lynch of Mi Golondrina. Inspired by her mom's Mexican heritage, she started the most incredible line of hand-embroidered dresses, shirts, and bedding. Golondrina means swallow in Spanish, and each of her pieces has a small embroidered bird included in the floral design. 

Each dress touches the hands of three groups of women in Oaxaca, Mexico who come from a long line of artisans. Her business employs many women that work from their homes, continuing on an art long-done by their ancestors.  

It was such a treat to visit her beautiful show room, see the incredible Mexican art on display, and chat with this incredibly inspiring, young woman who has entrepreneurship in her blood. And with my own personal affection for Mexico and its people, I love her passion for the Mexican culture and craftsmanship and wanting to bring a small piece of here it here to the states. 

And of course the hardest part of it all...having to decide which piece to buy. I came home this blue and beige top, which will be perfection with white jeans this summer or on our next trip to Baja. 

Cristina sells exclusively in two retail stores in Dallas and also on her website. No two pieces are the same and the detail is unlike nothing I've seen in this kind of garment - making it something I know I'll have for a lifetime. I'm already dreaming of my next Mi Golondrina purchase. 

Hasta manana. 


  1. love this line! I follow Christina's business partner Bailey over on her blog Peppermint Bliss. I am a major fangirl for Bailey's sense of humor and of course work as an interior designer.

    1. Isn't her stuff the gorgeous! Love Peppermint Bliss - I visited her shop when I was in Houston last year.

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