March 6, 2015

Products We Love: Unusual Occasion Cards

I love cards. There's something about finding the perfect card for a friend or loved one. I've been known to buy and then hold on to cards for months in advance, waiting for just the right time to give it. In fact I've got one for a friend that I probably bought five or six years ago and haven't yet sent. 

I promise I'm getting to my point. Last week in Texas I came across the most lighthearted, fun, and clever line of cards - Unusual Occasion Cards. When you see the few I chose to share with you below, you'll know why - they are guaranteed to give you a good chuckle (there are others are the site that are hilarious, but aren't quite PG13 for C & C). 

And you know there's someone you'd like to anonymously send this to :-). 

Straight and to the point, these are my kind of cards.

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