January 9, 2015

C&C in the Kitchen

Happy Friday everyone! I'm sure you are dying to know who won the Picky Bars giveaway....congratulations Annie E. I will be in touch.

Back to today's post, it's been a busy week for me as I entered back into "real life" after vacation. With the beginning of the New Year came the start of the Barre3 January Challenge, so I'm on a mission to cut sugar and booze from my diet for the next month! 

In celebration of my healthy eating, I decided to try a new smoothie recipe. I used this Green Warrior smoothie recipe from Oh She Glows as my inspiration. I was a little scared off by the grapefruit juice, but the tartness was balanced well balanced by the sweetness of the banana and mango. 

I highly recommend trying it! 

New Year Smoothie
- 2 stalks chopped celery
- 1 banana
- Juice squeezed from one large grapefruit
- 2 Tablespoons hemp hearts
- Approx 1 cup frozen mango
- 1 cup Kale

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