October 17, 2014

What I Wore: A Little Lux

Layering is my favorite part about fall. Vests, sweaters, scarves, jewelry, you name it. The added bonus, you get to layer without wearing tights. Every outfit needs a little luxury, whether that's a necklace or a cashmere sweater. For me in this case, it's both! 

In Paris I stopped into Uniqlo during a crazy sale! If you aren't familiar with the brand, they're a Japanese casual wear designer and they've got amazing basics. Like this crewneck cashmere sweater, which I got (in grey, navy, and black) for 49 euros. The quality is incredible for the price. Every girl should have a good cashmere sweater in her closet (I bought a medium if you're curious about sizing). If you're in NY, NJ, CA, CT, or PA, you can stop in to shop in person - otherwise, get thee to the interwebs. 

But the sweater wasn't enough to give this outfit that little extra je ne sais quoi - it needed a statement necklace. Also a Paris Zara purchase, this is going to be a go-to for work and play. I've already worn it twice since I returned. I can't seem to find it online (you might try in store), but did find several other pieces that give the same effect. Along with the earrings that match the necklace.

Looking at all these other options makes me think I need another Zara necklace - or maybe the earrings to match! Which is your favorite?


  1. Uniqlo just opened in Springfield Town Center in VA! I'm checking it out soon.