October 16, 2014

C & C on the Move: Sunny Santa Barbara

Let's all have a pity party for the horrible work travel I've had lately...Paris...now, Santa Barbara. And not just Santa Barbara proper, Montecito...which is even better! There's just something about it...I think it's probably one of my favorite places in the country, mostly because it feels like Sun Valley's beach side cousin. And did I mention my meeting was at the Four Seasons? If you haven't been to this hotel, it truly is one of the most beautiful resort properties. 

Before I resigned to meeting rooms for two days, my first stop getting into town was Alchemy for lunch with an old family friend...i.e. she has known me my entire life. One of the best parts about travel is catching up with people you don't usually get to see. And when you've known someone this long, you pick right up where you left off. Thankfully we had some incredible reboot friendly food (I owe you a post on the 6-week reboot I'm doing) to enjoy while we chatted away. I had some ridiculously delicious sweet potato quinoa cakes with a drool-worthy sauce and CH had the most beautiful kale salad...with perfectly massaged kale (you know what I'm talking about). 

And when the work was over, the play began. I have pipe dreams of opening a really good breakfast place in D.C. (in my humble opinion, we don't have one) and Jeannine's in Santa Barbara is exactly the kind of place I'd open. I finagled stops for breakfast and lunch during my trip. DO NOT miss their scones. I don't know what's in them, but they are unparalleled. 

And the real reason to stay for an extra day was to see one of my dearest college friends and to meet her baby. Little L and I became fast friends and I had the best time with her, and her mom and dad.

We took a great hike in the mountains - with a beautiful view of the city...

Followed by acai bowls (a first for me) at Backyard Bowls (I might have to open one of these too!)...

And the most perfect October day at the beach. 

Thanks for an awesome visit E and D! Every time I visit, I heart Santa Barbara even more.

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