October 3, 2014

Portland Fashion Week

On Tuesday night I had the pleasure of attending the Ready To Wear Show for Portland Fashion Week. Prior to the event, I got the itch...the itch for something new. When I saw these Pedro Garcia shoes at Seams to Fit, I knew that they were the perfect itch cure all. They are totally amazing and relatively comfortable!

Once I had the shoes, I had to decide on the dress. In the 30 minutes prior to my departure I posted this photo on our Instagram account. It was a contest between the Hunter Dixon on the left and the ASOS on the right. I ended up going with the ASOS dress because I have another event in a few weeks that I think the Hunter Dixon is more appropriate for.

Knowing it would be a bit chilly under the tent and in walking to and from my car, I added my Blank NYC jacket over the top (remember it from my previous post). I took it off during the show.

After enjoying a little food and drink at the Heathman Hotel, we headed to the Tent at Pioneer Square to take our front row seats for the evening's show. It was a pleasure to be in the company of new and old friends.

There were a total of ten up and coming designers that showed their collections. Jaefields, made some really cool vests and these incredible "joggers" that were perfectly tailored.

Sweet Jayne, not only did menswear, but also some really fabulous women's pieces. She is really talented.

There were two children's designers Tati & Me (top) and Sister Fresh (bottom) with very cute designs. There was no doubt that these sweet little girls stole the show. The Mini Fashionista could have totally worked the runway with them.

And I save the best for last. Christie Chanthakhoun had my favorite collection of the night.  What I liked most about it was all of her pieces really went together in a cohesive collection. Her gold dresses were stunning!

I had never been to a "fashion week" fashion show before, and I will look forward to going again in the future. Next time I will try to take better photos!

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