October 1, 2014

Fashion First Aid

Do you remember the backless dress I got earlier this year?

During our recent trip to Laguna Niguel, I had the opportunity to wear the dress for the third time. Clearly since the dress is backless, you can't wear a bra, which isn't really a problem for me given my nearly non-existent chest.

That said, a little lift is never a bad thing. When I was recently introduced to Fashion First Ad, I was immediately interested in The Perk Up, adhesive breast lifts that perk up sagging boobs??? Yes please!

I bought them and wore them with my backless dress and couldn't have been happier. If I'd only known about this amazing product the first two times I wore the dress. No more saggy raisins for me! And, I also purchased the Nipplomats, reusable nipple concealers. These are another MUST have for all women.

If you are not familiar with Fashion First Aid, the name says it all. This site has all the fashion fixes so you don't make a fashion faux pas or worse....have a wardrobe malfunction.

Here are a few of my other favorite products that I own and use!

The Strap Trap converts your regular bra into a racerback! Love these!

Anyone else take everything, including buttons to the seamstress? I am a terrible seamstress. I say I can sew buttons, but I don't do it well. Now with just one click, I really can sew a button.  

Where has this little gadget been all my life?

If you are interested in buying some of these products and checking out some of the other products you can access the site through our C&C Ambassador page.

As I buy and use more of the products, I will be sure to report back. 

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