August 6, 2014

Nine Days of Nice Update

"Nine days of Nice" officially ended yesterday.

Unfortunately, it didn't end up becoming much of a movement...apparently people care more about proper hydration (and how they might look because of it) than they do about being nice to one another.  Almost 1100 people viewed the Hydrate 28 post (here) and only 373 of you viewed my first "Nine Days of Nice" post (here).

So what were my major takeaways from "Nine Days of Nice."

- I did find my relationship to be (sometimes) easier with the Mini Fashionista. I tried to think about directing her in a nicer way, and in some cases it was effective. Although, I think sometimes it's okay to NOT be nice to my three year old. When she tells me, "mommy, you are not my friend," I am fine with that. Because I am NOT her friend. I am her mother. We can be friends when she is 30.

-  I was a nicer driver. I can't stand bad drivers. Sometimes I yell at them. The past nine days I yelled less. I'll try to continue with this as well. Road rage is unnecessary (most of the time).

- I still had mean thoughts, and sometimes verbalized them, even against better judgement. These verbalizations were shorter than they normally would have been and only occurred twice and to a very close friend. Sometimes you just need to vent, but that doesn't make it right. My goal is to try and minimize caddy conversations moving forward. There is nothing positive that comes from them.

- I tipped more. I'm not usually a counter tip jar kind of gal, but these past nine days I left more dollars behind, and I felt good about that.

Overall, I think that I am already a pretty "nice" person. I am polite to nearly everyone, respect those who deserve it and try to be a good, kind member of society.

"Nine Days of Nice" doesn't end here for me. I am going to continue on this path so that I can be the best example possible for the Mini Fashionista. Actions speak louder than words, so I can only tell her so many times that she needs to be "nice and kind".  I need to show her how.

Did anyone else join me? What were your major takeaways?

And let me leave you with this...

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  1. being nice (or trying to, anyway) definitely saved me from a lot of (probably unneccessary) arguments.