August 7, 2014

Products We Love: Burt's Bees

Regan and I have both blogged about our love for Burt's Bees tinted lip products. There's something nice and girly about having a colorful lip, even if you're just in your workout gear. I also have their regular lip balm in basically every purse and readily-accesible drawer in the house. I digress. On a recent trip (I can't remember exactly where) we were in a drug store and I saw these.

I'm SO bad about washing my face before bed. But, for some reason these little grapefruit cleansing towelettes were just what I needed to get back on the face-washing wagon. They also come in white tea extract and cucumber in sage if grapefruit isn't your scent of choice. I don't know if it's all the water I now drink (thank you Hydrate 28) or these babies, but my skin is on a good streak. Either way, I'll take it. 

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