August 26, 2014

Katie's Birthday Wish List

Regan shared her birthday wish list, so I thought it was only fitting that I do the same. Less than one shopping-month left non-existent extravagant gift-giving readers and friends (or captive audience of Dr. B). Because this is our blog and we can write and wish what we want, I'm going to go ahead and put it all out there. A few of these are somewhat reasonable, but others most are just down right pipe dreams.

Let's start with the realistic. Everyone and their sister (including mine) has one of these and swears by it. I should probably just go out and buy one, but let's put it on the list for practicality reasons. 

On my recent trip to Nashville I lost my favorite Chanel sunglasses....some lucky (sticky-fingered) conference attendee is sporting some nice polarized French sunnies. So now I'm in the market for a new pair. I'll take these "Marmonts" from Valley Eyewear under my birthday tree. 

A good carryon bag is a must-have. I've got a good bag for work travel but want something a little more sophisticated when we jet off to exotic places (i.e. go to New York for Jets games). This would do the trick for the Jet-setting....

Or perhaps a Goyard duffle with a monogram...what birthday girl doesn't love a good monogram?

But this is probably a more sensible (and budget-friendly) option and plays more to the mountain girl in me...

This might work too. 

I've been "needing" a good trench coat for a while, and no one does it better than Burberry. This would be a piece I'd have forever. I'd go for the Kensington Long Heritage Trench, if you're asking. 

And last on the list....the most practical (and most expensive) is a built-in for our mud room. Yes, this is what happens in your mid-thirties...but man, would I have a pretty place to hang my imaginary Burberry trench. 

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