May 1, 2014

Let's Celebrate

C&C has reason to celebrate because Today is the blog's 5th anniversary! WOW! Can you believe it? Here was the first post I ever wrote on C&C...May 1st, 2009.

I begin every day (latte in hand) by checking my favorite blogs and websites dedicated to fashion and design. More often than not, I forward photos and stories on to my fashion savvy friends.e 
So, after some persuasion from a fellow blogger (thanks CYT Meredith), I've decided to start my own blog. Deciding on a name was a difficult task, but after some thought I came up with Cardigans and Couture, two things I frequently lust after. . .and only one of which I ever indulge in. Those of you who know me well know that I am the queen of deals; I find them everywhere...Target, e-bay, Marshall's, Gilt Group, and countless others. I am quite proud of my discount shopping prowess and am always happy to share my fabulous finds. My blog will be dedicated to all things fabulous, both those that I can and cannot afford.
And so it begins...

Needless to say, the blog has evolved over the last five years. I still love a good bargain, which we share through posts like Splurge vs. Save. We love to give you rundowns on all the Red Carpet hits and misses, and occasionally we share a summary of our favorite shows from Fashion Week. Those things are the same, while others have changed. In the beginning, every Wednesday was "Cardigan Wednesday" on the blog, and we haven't done that series in years. Here was the first ever Cardigan Wednesday Post.

I used to post regularly on Viviana Volpicella (one of my style icons), and we haven't featured her in a while.

I better get on that because she is still one of my style idols. Here is one of my favorite posts on her "Street Style." It's worth looking at! And, we all have Viviana to thank because she is the reason we found Angela Caputi bracelets. Here is the first post we ever wrote on them. Hard to believe it was over three years ago!

The biggest change to the blog in the last five years was the addition of Katie as a contributor! She has most definitely changed the blog for the better: building our social media presence, contributing great content and sharing her fabulous attire in her "What I Wore Posts", among many other things.

So, what do the next 5 years hold for C&C? That is something only time shall tell. I can promise that both Katie and I will continue to provide you with original content that is real and accessible through posts like Keeping it Real, C&C in the Kitchen, Splurge vs. Save, and What I Wore.

While C&C is a small blog, we have a large number of loyal followers who we appreciate greatly! So thank you for reading. Thank you for allowing us to share our lives and our interests with you.

We would love to hear any nostalgic thoughts you have on the blog...your favorite posts, your favorite C&C inspired purchases....whatever moves you. We don't often get blog feedback or "comments", so give us a little annivesary gift and tell us what you've enjoyed most about C&C over the last five years.

Regan and Katie

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