January 28, 2014

What I Wore

I haven't done a "What I Wore" post in a while. Between the cold weather, a small spending moratorium, and an overall dislike for my wardrobe, I just haven't been inspired. But...a sale online at Zara brought this long wool vest to me. I'm OBSESSED. It felt very Phillip Lim and can be dressed up or casual. I've already worn it three times! 

Unfortunately I'm absolutely no help if you want the same look - the vest is sold out and I can't seem to find anything like it that is the least bit reasonable. Since I can't help you, how about you help me - what kind of "What I Wore" posts do you want to see, if any?


  1. Katie, the pic of you in your new glasses was stunning! Do you mind me asking where you have your hair cut? If you don't want to mention it publicly you may email me- whitney.decamp@gmail.com

  2. Obsessed with that vest.. Looks great on you!!