January 27, 2014

Grammys Red Carpet Recap

As Joan Rivers said, the Grammys are the perfect night for stars to express themselves...some should just leave their thoughts to themselves. But let's focus on those who said wore the right thing. 

For me, metallics stole the show with Taylor Swift in Gucci taking away best dressed.

Ciara in Pucci does red carpet pregnant like no one I've ever seen. The hair, the makeup, the dress...stunning! During one of her pre-show interviews she said her favorite part was eating a club sandwich and french fries before and not having to worry about what she ate.

Chrissy Teigen in Johanna Johnson also looked gorgeous. I love the train and she looks perfectly sun-kissed.

Rita Ora in Lanvin also looked incredible. The picture doesn't quite do it justice, but the fit was perfect - and I love that she chose something short. 

Red was popular, with Colbie Callait (Ezra Couture), Miranda Lambert (Pamela Roland), and Pink (Johanna Johnson) all making strong choices. 

A personal favorite, my #2 for the night, was Giuliana Rancic in Alex Perry. Despite needing three of those sandwiches that Ciara wrote, she looked INCREDIBLE! 

Now we can't talk Grammys Red Carpet without addressing Katy Perry in Valentino. I LOVE HER, but I didn't love this. Her hair was much too Princess Vespa. I'm torn - was she a hit, because it's the Grammys and this is the place to take a chance, or was she one note shy of a chord (i couldn't resist the pun)?

On one final note....Alicia Keys. This photo, this dress...they don't do her justice. And how would I know you might ask???

Because I recently spent three hours with her....well, not really with her, but 5 seats behind her on the train! She is GORGEOUS. Seriously more beautiful in person than any picture I've ever seen. To show you, here's the picture she tweeted from the train. Her skin really is that amazing. I kind of died a little inside. 

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