January 14, 2014

Play Hard Give Back

When Katie and I were home for the holidays we spent a lot of time munching on this delicious trail mix (make sure to read the whole post to see how you can win a bag for yourself).

The best part of this tasty snack is not the trail mix itself but the totally awesome, local company that makes it. Let me introduce you to Play Hard Give Back!

PHGB’s philosophy is simple: Play Hard and Give Back. Give back to your community. Give back to kids in need. Give back to planet earth, our big green playground. Give back because the world is connected and compassion is the only means of saving it.

Since January 1st, 2013, Play Hard Give Back (PHGB) has translated this philosophy into a business of selling varieties of trail mix in grocery stores and retailers across the West. PHGB is a distinct social-profit company, which connects with elite athletes and nonprofits to create product lines that put consumer dollars to work.

With every sale of PHGB product, revenue is split between an athlete (to keep them playing hard), his or her chosen charity (to give back) and PHGB (to keep the cycle going).

The trail mix above is my personal favorite, not only because of the banana chips and peanut butter cups but also because it supports our friend and skier cross champion Langely McNeal, who Katie and I grew up ski racing with.  It also supports a totally rad non-profit called She Jumps started by another one of our childhood ski racing friends, Lynsey Dyer.

Let me break this down for you…

1. You buy a bag of Langely's PHGB trail mix, and you support her efforts to qualify for the olympics in Sochi in skier cross. Go Lange!

2. A portion of the revenue is given to She Jumps, an incredible organization whose mission is to increase female participation in outdoor activities. Who doesn't want to support that? If only all girls knew they could be as bad a** as Langely and Lynsey!

3. You keep the cycle going by supporting PHGB!

Good news for C&C readers is that you have the chance to win your own tasty bag of Langely's PHGB trail mix. Enter the rafflecopter giveaway below to win! The winner will be announced on Friday!

And, better yet, go on to PHGB's website and order some for yourself. Not only will you be getting a tasty treat, but you will also be supporting an athlete in their competitive endeavors and a worthwhile charity! Oh, and shipping is free!

What are you waiting for?

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