December 11, 2013

Good as Gone

Last week I went to JCP to return some Joe Fresh pants I ordered online. If you remember the post (here), I ordered blue and olive, and I decided just to keep the blue. 

Anyway, it's pretty much a given that when I walk into a store to return something, I will walk out with something else. This visit was no exception. 

I saw this Thermal Colorblock Sweater and knew I had to have it…in every color if possible! For $16.99 (the in store sale price) getting all of them seemed totally reasonable. 

Unfortunately, they only had my size in the tan colorway. Of course I got it, but I still left feeling like I had missed out.

I immediately came home to look for it online…and what did I find? Another fabulous color combination….but it was good as gone! D**n it!

If you happen to be at your local mall with a JCP, I suggest popping in to hunt this down (and if you see any XS or S, get them for me). It is a great winter basic. The bad news for anyone shopping online is that nearly all sizes and colors are sold out, but there are a few sizes and colors left, so act quickly before it's too late. 

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