December 10, 2013

Te Amo Massimo Dutti

The Spanish have a unique and sophisticated dress. When I lived in Madrid I loved walking through the Retiro (the Spanish version of Central Park). My favorite thing to do was people outfit watch. I shopped at Zara before it came to the United States, and was pretty pumped to recently come across another retailer, Massimo Dutti, owned by the same parent company, Inditex. The clothing makes me want to go on holiday to an estancia somewhere. This one would be nice. I digress.

We are lucky enough to have a store here in D.C. in Georgetown, but if you don't, there's plenty of damage to be done online. In case there's an estancia in your future. Here are a few of my favorite things.

Quilted Flannel Blazer
Double Thickness Navy Coat
Aran Knit Cape with Turtleneck and 
Leather Buckles
Leather and Suede 
Combination Handbag
Any Massimo Dutti fans out there already or is it new to you too?

1 comment:

  1. I'm also a fan. There's one in Florence on one of the main shopping streets in the city.