December 2, 2013

C & C Around the House

I love Christmas! The decorations, the food, the parties, finding just the perfect list of favorites about this holiday go on and on. At the top, however, is a Christmas tree. There's nothing like sitting at home staring at and enjoying the incredible fragrance of the tree. And to get that, you need the real thing. For the second year Dr. B and I headed to Pine Valley Farms to cut down our frasier fir. It's such a fun weekend adventure and sets the tone for the rest of the season. 

Here's the before and after of our tree. The key to the perfect tree is copious amounts of lights (more than you think - we've got 10 strands on our eight-foot tree) and ornaments....lots of ornaments.  

Let's talk how crazy I am for ornaments. Over 12 years ago I started collecting ornaments throughout my travels. Every place I went, I found something that could be put on the tree. Each year as I pull them out of the box, I'm reminded of all the amazing places I've been. 

Clockwise from the top: Korea, Japan, Boston, Egypt
Basin Harbor, VT, Seattle, Australia, Poland
Hong Kong, Lake Placid, St. Michaels, MD, San Francisco
London, Alaska, Costa Rica, Jackson Hole, WY

But it's not all about the tree. We've got sprinklings of Christmas all over the house - from the mantle, and the dining room table, to the front walkway. Don't miss the greeter at the door.

And, of course, it wouldn't be Christmas without a wreath! You might remember this from my earlier post on The Magnolia Company

Do you have any special decorating traditions? 


  1. Bringing ornaments home from your travels is a great idea! The house and tree look great!

  2. My favorite family tradition is ; we have meat fondue every Christmas eve! Steak, chicken with baked potatoes and veggies! Though...we only fondue the meat (well, unless you're my Dad or husband, then you fondue the potato skins)!