November 29, 2013

Ready, Set, Shop

It's Black Friday, and I would imagine some of you are shopping (or have already been) today! So we thought we should add one more shopping destination to your list, Serena Italian Imports.

As you know (100 times over), C&C loves Angela Caputi Chainlink bracelets (and necklaces). Really, we can't get enough of them….case in point, and my collection has grown since I took this picture...

The bracelets go with everything! Remember this post from last year…I wore them with my holiday plaid!

Back to the real reason for this post…Serena Italian Imports is offering all C&C readers 15% off all purchased from now until December 22nd using the code CCHOLIDAY13. 

Besides the Angela Caputi bracelets, they sell a number of other really great Italian products including handbags, jewelry, and table decor.

So get shopping! And if you don't already have an Angela Caputi bracelet, may I suggest you get yourself at least one.

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