November 15, 2013

Getting My Fix

C&C would like to give a special shout out to one of our most loyal readers, Kelli! (We hijacked this photo from your facebook profile).

Kelli is participating in her first Ironman this weekend. We will be thinking of you Kelli and wishing you all the best during your race. You go girl! As you get off the bike and transition to your 26.2 mile run, I suggest you envision Louboutin heels, a Chanel handbag and an Oscar de la Renta dress all in your size at the end of the race…and they are free! Run girl, run! That kind of reward might even incentivize me to run a marathon.

Now on to my first ever Stitch Fix. It arrived yesterday, with much anticipation. So here are the results….

The first two pieces: an open draped cardigan and skinny jeans. The jeans fit well, but I really don't need any pants, and for $88 I couldn't justify an unnecessary pair of pants. Although, I did really like the fit and the color.

Now to the cardigan…I really liked the print and the elbow patches, but there was way too much material around the collar, and it was a bit too much like a sweater coat, which I already have two of in my closet. At $118 I decided not to keep it. I think I can find something that I really love for less.

Next up, this knit cowel neck sweater from Splendid. It was just okay (and yes, kind of sheer), and I'm not going to pay $98 for just okay. On a whole, I think Splendid is overpriced and underwhelming…kind of like this sweater.

The last two tops were total losers! The first, a chambray blouse, was boxy, had big wide sleeves (when not buttoned up) and was shorter in the front than the back. It was blah!

The last shirt was the worst. You can see that the stripes on the right side of my chest have been sewn into the top color blocking of the shirt. Total fail! I can't believe it even made it through their quality control.

So, unfortunately all five pieces are going back, and I am losing $20, even bigger bummer! I am definitely open to trying it again. Hopefully next time I will have some success.

On a positive note…I am totally lusting after this dress from Ivy and Blu Maggy Boutique. I really want to order it.


  1. It's so nice to see a review that's not clearly a sponsored rave - thank you!! I've been intrigued by the concept of stitch fix, and it would be fun to see what someone else chooses, but I've heard that if you typically fit into a range of sizes or have areas hard to fit (small/large chest, etc) that the stylists don't really take that into account and they're mostly working off of a body type. That's hearsay, though. :)

    Annnnd I agree with your Splendid verdict. I went to the new store in Dallas to check it out and I loved how soft everything was, but it didn't seem special enough to justify the price tags. That abstract dress looks so comfortable, though! You should give it a try!

  2. I like the green jeans. PS-your legs are bangin, Regan!! xo

  3. Thanks Megan! You just made my day! I really liked the green jeans too, but I have bought 3 pairs of pants in the past few months….all from Joe Fresh and equal in cost to the green ones. :)