November 18, 2013

Let's Get Physical

I realize that we talk a lot about barre3 here on C&C…what can I say, I'm a barre3 believer! :) That said, I do participate in other forms of physical activity…yoga, weight lifting, pilates, roller skiing, cycling, hiking, walking…to name just a few…

Anyway, on saturday my friend Kiki invited me to join her at a new spin studio here in Portland called BurnCycle. I'm always up for trying out new fitness studios, so I was super excited about the invitation. 

BurnCycle is located in the Pearl district on 10th Street, between Lovejoy and Kearney and is an ultra cool space. I'm in LOVE with the light fixtures! 

I taught spinning after college and in graduate school, but I haven't spent much time on a spin bike since becoming a competitive cyclist. While I am definitely a purist when it comes to cycling, I appreciate a good workout, and this is definitely a kick butt workout! 

Our instructor Will had great energy and enthusiasm. He pretty much had me at "I spent my Friday night mixing music and watching Project Runway!" Sounds like my kind of Friday night! He lead us through 45 minutes of high cadence, high energy pedal strokes…mostly out of the saddle…while we rocked out to Run DMC, Macklemore and JayZ, among other artists. The class included some upper body work with 2 lb handheld weights that make it into a total body workout. The music is loud, the room is dark, the pace is fast and you will sweat! 

This is what a hot, sweaty mess looks like after 45 minutes of the Burn! 

So if you live in Portland and are looking to try a new, kick butt workout, you should definitely check out BurnCycle. Lucky for C&C readers, BurnCycle is offering you 15% off classes using the code ccburn15

Enjoy the ride! 


  1. Oooh! I'm totally going to try this! Looks super fun. Thanks R :-)

  2. Sounds awesome! Will definitely check this place out. Great location.

  3. Love it! Glad to find another Portland Fit Blogger!
    Also, what is roller skiing?! I want to try that out!

    1. Roller skiing is the dryland way to train for XC skiing. :)