July 11, 2013

My First Fix

My first Stitch Fix arrived! As promised, here's my report back on my first Fix. The box was very well packaged, with a note from my stylist, Alexandra, an explanation of how it works, and a list of the 5 items and their prices.

A tag gives you suggestions on how to wear and accessorize each piece. My first item, a black dress with a diagonal zipper was a good idea, but poorly executed. The fabric didn't have enough structure, and the cut of the sleeves was horrible. I'm really taking one for the team taking a picture of myself in this dress. It is clearly not flattering. 

Next up, a white button-up shirt, an emerald (sort of) green blazer, and a Tracy Reese printed skirt. 

Taking cues from the outfit card, and the fact that I was too lazy to try on every piece separately, I put them all together. I'm not sure what they were thinking when I asked for work-appropriate skirts. I'm tall, and this is much too short to wear to work. #fail. The jacket was just so-so...soooo, it went back along with the skirt. Cute, but not for me.

Last, but not least, this jersey skirt. You can't really tell from the picture, and there was no way I was taking a picture of it on, but this was like gym shorts turned skirt. There's nothing more to say. I wouldn't even wear it to hang around the house as "comfy clothes." Take note Stylist Alexandra, nothing about this is my style.

Final verdict: my first fix left something to be desired (you're always going to get it straight here on C & C). I only ended up keeping the white shirt. It was $48, and with the $20 styling fee, it made more sense to keep it than send everything back and lose my $20. It's a good basic and I don't have anything like it, so I consider it a win. 

I thought the style profile was really extensive and asked some good questions, but I'm not sure that translated into the items that I got. That being said, I'll probably do it again. I like the concept and I want to give it another shot. When I go into a dressing room, I usually have to try on 10 things to get just 1...and I'm picking things out myself. 

Who's going to sign up with me? Do we have any volunteers to share photos of their Fix with us and and our readers? Send us an email at CardiCouture@gmail.com if you're up for the challenge. 


  1. I've gotten two fixes so far. The first one was right on. I ended up loving and buying everything. The second one left something to be desired and I ended up only keeping one shirt. That said, the service has been hit or miss so far for me. I am going to keep doing it though because I LOVE getting the package and the mystery of what might be in there!

  2. Thanks so much for the report, Katie! I'm sorry it didn't work out. Good to know.