May 8, 2013

Today's Trends Right From Your Closet

Black and white is back, and the best thing about this trend - anyone can do it. Don't tell me you don't have black for days in your closet. It's slimming, goes with everything, is timeless...come on, I've heard all the excuses on why women should own multiples of pants, shirts, and dresses in black. Now you can actually put those pieces to work. I know I did. 

I dug out an old Trina Turk blouse, J. Crew cardigan, and J. Crew enamel bangle last week to put my own twist on the trend. Although I've had these pieces for at least 5 years, I'd never actually worn them together. If you aren't up for my crazy pattern mixing, here are how some other ladies in the blogosphere are getting the job done. 

Kendi Everyday
Whipped Style
See Jane.
Atlantic Pacific
Now go on, pick out your black and white outfit for tomorrow.

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