May 7, 2013

Red Carpet Rundown

If you happened to miss it, last night was the annual Met Gala. This year the event had a "punk" theme, which not everyone embraced. Here are some of my favorite "punk" looks of the evening. 

Emma Watson- she's too sweet to be punk! And this dress is amazing on her body! 

Stacy Kiebler- The hair could be a bit more refined but with legs like that, no one will notice! 

Jennifer Lawrence- She is stunning as always. 

Giuliana Rancic- I love that she recently ditched the extensions. She looks fabulous! 

Alexa Chung- I like this look and think it is very event appropriate.

Taylor Swift- By far one of my favorites of the evening! She nailed it!

Blake Lively- Another stunner. Why does she have to be so fabulous? I want the boobs, the hair, the legs...

And apparently these ladies missed the memo...

Zoey Deschanel- Did she confuse "punk" with prep? I love this dress though! It's seersucker Tommy Hilfiger. 

Anna Wintour- Anna go "punk"? As if! But I do love this dress and think she looks fabulous! 

Gwenyth Paltrow- Maybe she confused "punk" and "pink"? Either way this dress is ill-fitting and horrific!

And a few other looks that I felt warranted some commentary...

Nicole Richie- decided to go grey for the event? This is just scary! 

Who knows what SJP is wearing on her head? The look would have been better without it!

Is that HRC? Sure looks like her! But seriously, Chelsea Clinton just aged herself about 20 years in this capelet and up-do.

And not to dis on the pregnant lady, but seriously? 

Oh, and Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods made their first public appearance together... as if anyone cared. How many of you even know who LV is?

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