May 6, 2013

Products We Love - Music to My Ears ...Literally

Everyone loves music, obviously. How can you not. And there have been some products in the last several years that have transformed how we listen to music - I'm looking at you iPods and Pandora.

But there's a new product that has drastically increased the amount of music in my life. And it's not the Sony walkman (yes, I did own one, and yes, Pretty Woman is my FAVORITE. MOVIE. EVER). 

Enter Sonos. It's a wireless sound system that you can operate from your tablet, computer, and/or smart phone. Want to listen to Pandora or your iTunes library - yup, you can do that. If you want to listen to one song, and your +1 another, never fear, Sonos is here. 

Check it out. I'm pretty sure you're going to love it too. 

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