May 17, 2013

C&C Needs Your Help

As you may have read, May 1st marked the four year anniversary of Cardigans & Couture. The blog has evolved over the years; with the addition of Katie as a co-blogger, the arrival of the Mini Fashionista and with the presence of C&C on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (the latter two Katie manage).

So what now? That's somewhat up to you. I know many of you are reading, but not everyone is commenting. Sometimes it feels like we are talking to ourselves, but I understand....not everyone likes to comment (Know that when you do, we love it! We might even do little happy dances).

Anyway, we want to know what type of content you like reading and what causes you to close your browser. Don't get me wrong, we will definitely listen to our readers, but at the end of the day, we will still pretty much write what we want to. After all, it is our blog! 

We also want to know more about you: where you live, how you came to be a C&C reader, how often you read the blog and other questions along those lines. 

If you have a few minutes, please complete this survey. We would love to have your feedback to continue to grow and evolve C&C to keep you engaged and excited for at least another four years! 


P.S. The survey will be available for the next week! 

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