May 20, 2013

Shoes, Little Shoes.

It's no big surprise that the Mini Fashionista's style is a direct translation of my own personal style (I'm dreading the day she refuses to let me choose her clothes). Similarly my love of buying shoes for myself has become a love of buying shoes for the Mini. There's just something about little shoes that sucks me in.

I buy the majority of the Mini's clothes at consignment sales and on ebay, so I definitely splurge more on her shoes. Recently I took advantage of a 40% off sale at Boden and and got her a cute pair of short suede boots for the fall and winter.

Then I got sucked into the Zara shoe vortex and ordered these two pairs for her for the summer. 

Here she is sporting her new polka dot kicks! 

If you would like to buy a similar pair for yourself (I am tempted) this pair from Keds is a close match! 

If you've never shopped Zara online for baby and kid's shoes and clothes, you should! They have an amazing collection. Most of the shoes are between $35 and $50.  I could have ordered nearly every pair. Here are a few of my other favorites. And truth be told, I would wear all of these shoes myself!

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    I got sucked into the Zara shoe vortex and ordered these two pairs for her for the summer.

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