March 14, 2013

Garnet Hill: these are a few of my favorite things

Knowing my love for stripes (especially navy and white), a friend posted this swimsuit from Garnet Hill on my Facebook page. So cute, right? And the stripes are vertical down the back! They clearly know what looks good on women. 

I hadn't been on the Garnet Hill site in a long time. From fashion to bedding, to home decor - they've got it all! Here a few other things I'd put in my shopping cart.

Marseilles Knit Jacket

Palm Springs Block Pillow Cover

Printed Canvas Storage Bin

St. Charles Mercury Glass Table Lamp

Trellis Porcelain Jar

French Stripe Jersey-Knit Bedding

Everyday Printed Percale Bedding


  1. I love that someone shares my obsession with navy and white stripes. Love that bathing suit and those adorable bins!

  2. I want the suit, and I have been looking at those lamps!

  3. Love that someone else shares my obsession with Garnet Hill !!