March 15, 2013

Products We Love

Happy Friday! I've decided to start a new post series called "Products we Love." These might be actual products that Katie and I currently use or cool products we find on the market. Today's product is in honor of the weekend. If your plans involve any sort of activity that requires a "roadie" (in no way am I encouraging drinking and driving), then check these out! 

The Wine Sippy Cup!

"A wine lover's dream come true! Now you can take that vino on the go-go!  The Wine Sippy Cup has a familiar wine glass shape in a spill proof double wall tumbler, so you can sip your wine in style without worrying about spilling on your outfit.   Perfect for the beach, park, tailgating, or other fast-paced adventures (like chasing a toddler around at a, ahem, "playdate").  

SW, I'm ordering these for us! You too can have a Wine Sippy cup for only $14.50. I hope you love this product as much as I do! 

1 comment:

  1. That wine cup is like all my dreams coming true. TOTALLY ordering one.