February 25, 2013

A night at the Oscars

I watched the Oscars at my dear friend's house - The Discountess of Washington. She made a delicious meal for a group of ladies - a group of very style-savvy, opinionated ladies, I might add - we're basically like the People Magazine of D.C. The general consensus was that we were underwhelmed. Where was the color? Where were the risk takers that made it work? This is the Oscars people! 

The highlight of the evening was the fact that Guiliana Rancic came wearing her own head of hair! And it looked good.

White is for weddings ladies. While Jennifer Lawrence looked beautiful (and her earrings were TO. DIE. FOR.), this dress would have been much better in a bold color - or even black for that matter. 

Anne Hathaway, Jessica McClintock wants her dress back. This is just bridesmaid gone wrong. At least the promise that she'd wear it again came true. And we won't discuss the problematic pleats.

The 80s were back and better than ever on last night's red carpet - neon, shoulder pads, and big hair. Jane Fonda, I do love you and your workout videos. You sort of pulled this off. 

All Salma Hayek needed was a scrunchie to complete this disaster. Does she know who she's married to? She can wear anything by anyone.  

And while this isn't totally heinous, the sheer arms and shoulder pads are pushing it. 

There are no words for these two. 

Now let's talk favorites. Jessica Chastain was a vision of old Hollywood glamour. The hair, the red lip...perfection.

Reese Witherspoon also looked glam in this Louis Vuitton two-toned dress, which her daughter supposedly helped her pick out. 

And my other favorites. 

Amy Adams in Oscar de la Renta
Octavia Spencer in Tadashi Shoji
Charlize Theron in Christian Dior
Stacey Keebler in Naeem Khan
Naomi Watts in Armani Prive
Georgina Chapman looking
pregnant and stunning, undoubtedly
in Marchesa
Quentin Tarantino's girlfriend in ?
And last, but not least, Sally Field. It wasn't until I saw this side picture of her gown, did i realize just how incredible it was. Hopefully I'll look this good at 66.

Who were your favorites from the night?


  1. Loved having Cardicouture at the critique session. I think your recap sums it up. What was Anne Hathaway thinking? And she won the Oscar! It makes her choice even worse.

  2. Love love loved Amy Adams and Sally Field. And your party sounds like it was a blast -- I totally did my critiques solo to the Twitter world.

  3. Quentin T's girlfriend is in Mara Hoffman-who I love!

    What were your thoughts on Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Garner?

  4. Thanks Margaret!

    Jenna, yes, it was a fun party! Good food too, which is always key.

    Amy, I liked Jennifer Anistons a lot. I thought she looked really pretty and I like that she wore a gown - she usually goes for a more fitted look. Jennifer Garner was pretty, but it wasn't my favorite. I also think she needs to wear a dress that is better suited to her flat chest. Sweetheart neckline maybe? Her chest and stomach appear to be one thing (which I can sympathize with - so I'm not being critical :-))

  5. I pretty much agree with you, except for Amy Adams. Atrocious. On camera it looked like the bottom of the dress was nappy goat fur. ICK.

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  7. GREAT summary!!! It was nice to meet you! And thanks again for all the great Napa tips! :)

  8. Love your recap! And I agree with you ladies - Jessica Chastain was by far my favorite. Isn't Amy Adams' dress the exact same one that SJP wore in the Sex and the City episode where she thinks she's going to dinner with Petrovsky and he stands her up? If not, it's a close knock-off. That's a lotta dress!

  9. LOVE your commentary!! So agree with all of them!!

  10. Love to read another bloggers recap! I like that you were honest- the Oscars are my favorite time of year, but I think there needs to be some healthy critiquing, and I feel like every blog just talks about how "amaaaazing" everyone looks. Feel free to check out my recap as well :)