January 25, 2013

Barre3 Butt Kicking

As I mentioned in Monday's post, last weekend I filmed an 10 minute ski conditioning workout for barre3 online. Well, the video is posted and ready for everyone to try (here)! Get ready for a butt kicking! This workout is awesome, if I do say so myself....And if you want to read more about my barre3 journey, you can read more on the barre3 blog!

Here's the really exciting news, for anyone who hasn't tried barre3 online, C&C is offering a 15 day free trial using the code 15barre3CC. The code must be redeemed before February 8th and is only available to first time barre3 online users! 

P.S. I like watching myself on video about as much as like looking at pictures of myself on the the blog. Too bad I couldn't cut my head off in the video like I do in my blog photos! :)

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