January 28, 2013

28 to Great Update- Day by Day

Three weeks down and only one to go! As I mentioned last week, I am spending this final week in Sun Valley. I wouldn't call it a vacation, as only trips that don't include children are truly a vacation. This my friends is a trip!

Back to 28 to Great (or what might end up being 21 to Great)....Last week I pushed reset after Sunday night's gluttony and gave it my best effort to follow "the rules."

Let's take it day by day...

Monday- I taught class and went for a 5 mile walk. Then in the afternoon I made these homemade granola bars (recipe here). I modified the recipe adding almonds, coconut and raisins. Honestly, I don't think I will ever buy a granola bar of any type ever again. When the Mini Fashionista starts school, these homemade treats will be going into her lunch box.

Baking these was my way of avoiding the barre3 bars. Really it was just replacing one poison for another. And, once again I ate too many. However, I figure once they are gone, then I can't eat anymore...so the faster I eat them, the sooner they disappear (completely illogical, I know).

Tuesday- Tuesday I actually made it to the studio and took an entire 60 minute class!! It doesn't happen often, so It was a rare treat! I made a delicious "28 to Great approved" lunch of DIY salad for my fellow instructor Bonney. Here is a picture of Bonney and the Mini Fashionista at our lunch table. I really wanted to open a nice bottle of white wine, but instead we drank lemon water. Refreshing!

Bonney brought over some healthy energy bars she had made and we commiserated on our lack of self control for these "healthy treats". Misery loves company, so it was nice to know I am not the only one with a portion problem! Tuesday night I made a great flank steak and roasted vegetable dinner and finished it off with a class of white wine. I guess I hadn't stopped thinking about it since lunch, and the lemon water just wasn't cutting it! 

Wednesday- I ate too many "homemade" granola bars. End of Story.

Thursday- I once again made it to the studio to take class and then I taught class. There were no more barre3 bars or granola bars to eat, so I stuck to the rules. I ALMOST made more, but I used all the self control I had and instead ate blueberries. Let's be honest...they were not as satisfying.

Friday- Let's pretend I'm keeping score: +2 for Regan...taught the 8:45 barre3 class and then took the 10:00 class. Then let's talk about dinner. We went to Ken's Pizza, and if you go to Ken's, you can't not eat Pizza. It's an unspoken rule. Let's call this -2 (I ate two pieces). Oh, and there were those two pieces of dark chocolate that I ate after lunch....maybe I shouldn't be keeping score...

Saturday- Quite possibly the worst travel day of my life. We started with a 3:15 wakeup call for a 5:30 flight to Sun Valley. Due to weather we never made it to Sun Valley. We made it back to Portland after  a refuel in Bend and a flight change in Seattle....8 hours later. Oh, and did I mention only 1 of our 3 bags made it with us? Needless to say this was not a day of exercise or healthy eating. I was lucky to eat at all. This is life though! And sometimes you just have to go with it.

Sunday- The final day of the week! We finally made it to Idaho and let's just say I'll be back on track come Monday.

I hope you all have a great start to your week! Look for two posts from Katie's recent trip to California! I'm sure she'll have plenty of non-28 to Great approved food and wine to share with you!


  1. Regan, two pieces of Ken's pizza is criminal!!

    Jen Matson

  2. Good luck! You will do great!