October 22, 2012

Food, Furniture, and Fall

Fall is definitely my favorite time of year in D.C. The weather has been amazing. It's a great time to be outside, enjoy time with friends, and eat all the fall flavors (check out Tom Sietsema's Fall Dining Guide).

I'm taking a departure from fashion today to share some progress on our new house. My clothes shopping has definitely taken a back seat as we focus on decorating. We've been waiting on the arrival of our bar cart  and it finally came this weekend! I'm still working on styling it (check out Courcy Inspired Design for ideas on bar carts), but I do love this new addition to our dining room. 

Our dining room table and chairs also arrived recently. We found the table at a sample sale at the D.C. Design Center and ended up getting our chairs on Overstock, since we weren't 100% sure what we wanted and didn't want to spend a fortune.

This weekend Dr. B's parents came down from New York and we entertained for the first time. We still need drapes, built-ins, and are deciding on whether or not to get a rug...but we're getting there. 

For dessert, I made this delicious and super-easy-to-make apple cake from the apples we picked in New York. Thanks to The Discountess of D.C. for the recipe (if you haven't already, check out her blog!) 

I hope you had a great weekend! Back to fashion tomorrow. 

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