September 25, 2012

Honeymoon Recap - Hong Kong

On our way back home from Bali, we stopped for three nights and two full days in Hong Kong. With seven million people living in 426 sq miles, it is quite the booming metropolis - where dining, shopping, and cultural experiences abound. We enjoyed every minute of our time there and will definitely be returning at some point in our lives. 
Picked up in a Rolls by the hotel. Not a bad way to
start our stay!
We had beautiful, but hot and humid, weather!
View from Victoria Peak
Opening day at the Hong Kong Jockey Club
Happy that at least Dr. B won on his horses!
Navigating the metro
Choosing fabric for our custom PJs
Visit to a buddhist temple
Boat ride at Aberdeen Fish Market
Repulse Bay
Dim Sum in Happy Valley
Last dinner of our honeymoon over looking the harbor
Room with a view - an early breakfast before we left
After a 15 hour flight from Hong Kong to NYC
Almost home!

If you want advice on where to go, what to see, and how much to eat in Hong Kong, I'm your gal!

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