June 25, 2012

Bust a Move

You know I am always on the hunt for cool leggings! I was recently contacted by Pins by Lydra, a company in Melbourne, Australia. They take art and showcase it on leggings. Seriously cool stuff! Here's a short poem to tell you more about the company:

"If you’re a lithe legged lovely with legs right up to there,
Or your limbs are slightly shorter and covered in fine hair.
Just don a pair of Pins and you’ll feel five million bucks,
With these luscious leggings on, you’re sure to gather looks.
Choose tailored tights by Breslin with crazy bright designs,
Or Pins by Lilli Waters where hidden beauty shines.
And those from Abby Seymour are a two-colour delight,
Hand sewn by careful fingers to fit your legs just right.
And, if you’re a cool designer, then why don’t you apply,
To see your great creation on some luscious ladies thigh?"
Poem by Kate Toon

Photo by Calvin Tiono

These photos are from the SHE raw exhibition (inspired by the upcoming Olympics). Can you imagine me showing up to Barre3 to teach in these? I better be able to bust some serious moves like these ladies.

photos by Tristan Manas

Artists can submit their work to be featured on Pins leggings here

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