June 26, 2012

The New Jelly

When I think of my childhood and the types of shoes I wore, images of Keds, LA Gear, and jelly shoes come to mind. It was the 80s...what did you think I was wearing, Choo and Louboutin?
LA Gear is as bad as ever, Keds have made a surprisingly chic comeback... and jelly shoes, well...they're still around but have taken on a new modern twist.

There are lots of "jelly shoes" to choose from these days. Here's to hoping they don't give you terrible blisters like the ones of yesteryear.  

I saw a woman wearing these last week, and they were really cute! I usually like to limit my Crocs to the garden, but these are definitely street worthy.

A little bit more feminine, the KG Maddy Jelly Mat Sandals are cute, but my guess is these are not blister proof.

KG Maddy Jelly Mat Sandals $19.88

A jelly gladiator...this is certainly a step up from the heeled jelly of the 90s (you know you had them).

Marc by Marc Jacobs Orange Jelly Sandals $98

This Gucci Jelly comes in a flat and a wedge!

Gucci Marola Jelly Wedge $210

And lastly, for $32, this is how much a pair of shoes made of PVC should cost.

Geometric Jelly Sandal $32

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