June 22, 2012

Air Kisses

Katie already posted on Oscar de la Renta's 2013 Resort collection, but I couldn't let the season pass without giving it my review as well. His last few collections have left me a bit underwhelmed, but this collection....it left me drooling.  Really, I could just kiss the man. On the cheek, air kisses of course....

I could have posted nearly the whole collection because they are all that beautiful, but here are my favorites! I know...there are a lot of them (and some repeats from Katie's post). 

Someday I will wear an Oscar de la Renta, but until then, I will just drool over the photos! 


  1. Umm...I want everything! Especially that blue lacy dress...so pretty!!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl


  2. Such pretty photos! The colors are beautiful! Thanks for sharing. :-) Have a wonderful weekend.