May 25, 2012

Red Carpet Debut

Not only will Katie be walking down the aisel in August, but the Mini Fashionista will be walking down the aisle for her first time as a flower girl. Let's think of it as her red carpet debut. This is MAJOR! 

The wedding color palette includes kelly green, navy, white and gold accents. When I saw this dress I knew it would be perfect for the event as the bridesmaid dresses are also green! Unfortunately the dress doesn't come in the Mini Fashionista's size. FAIL! 

Brooks Brothers Oxford Gingham Dress

So we are back to the drawing board. Here are a few of the cute dresses from J Crew that are currently in consideration.

And these many cute choices. Too bad they don't make them small enough! Another FAIL! 

Seriously this stuff is fabulous! Speaking of fabulous, have you entered the History + Industry giveaway?

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