October 19, 2011

High Society

A C&C reader is headed to an amazing event - The Natural History Museum Gala. Amaze Balls!!! (That's what all the kids are saying these days). Anyway, the likes of Anne Hathaway, Meg Ryan, Tina Fey and other Hollywoodites and socialites attend which means she needs to look G-O-O-D and tres expensive. Rent the Runway to the rescue! Where else are you going to get a several thousand dollar gown for a few hundred dollars. Done and done. Here are my picks for her--some short, some long. Hopefully she'll report back on what she wore and who she saw. Soooo cool!  


  1. Love RTR! That golden gown is so pretty.

  2. Ashley, thanks for reading! I know, isn't RTR the best! I know, the golden gown is AMAZING!!!