September 12, 2011

What I Wore to Work

Every week day I get up and I'm faced with the same challenge, what to wear to work? I work in a pretty conservative environment, and if you haven't noticed already, I like fashion. Sometimes those two things don't mix. But I like to think I tow the line pretty well. I am a firm believer that you can still look work appropriate, fashionable, sophisticated, and yes, trendy all at the same time - without wearing a suit every day. So I'm going to be trying something new. I'm going to start sharing some of my work outfits with you. But here's the problem. Dr. B, he leaves the house before me. Oh, and by the way, I don't just call him Dr. B, he's actually a medical doctor. So while he takes pretty good pictures, I don't have someone each morning to humor me while I try different poses that make me look good in said work outfits. So a lot of the pictures are going to be taken by me with my blackberry. That's right friends, I don't yet have an iPhone. If you could see me type on those tiny little BB keys, you'd know why (Dr. B is looking for ways to have it surgically implanted into my hand). And after work doesn't work because most of the time I come home in gym clothes. And you probably don't want to see those pics.

I'll post regularly on the Facebook Page and on Twitter, with weekly posts to the blog. So if you want regular updates, come like us on Facebook. Like a normal human being, there are going to be days when I'm just not inspired by what's in my closet - so I may not post. Who knows where this new challenge will take me. To get us started, here are some pics from last week's outfits. Clearly I was feeling black, white, and pale pink...not intentionally.  

Cyntia Steffe Trousers (TJ Maxx), J-Crew Blazer (several seasons ago), Zara blouse, vintage necklace from my mom (aka I "borrowed" it from her.

Theory dress (Woodbury Commons Outlet - best outlets EVER!), H & M pale pink jacket, Cusp necklace,  J-Crew enamel bangle, misc. arm party

H & M pale pink toile skirt, Theory black blazer, H & M black and white t-shirt, H & M necklaces, Cole Haan Nike Air patent peep toe mary janes (photo courtesy of Dr. B and his iPhone after work)

H & M jacket and flower, Target belt, Cole Haan shoes, 9 year old pants purchased in Rome, misc. arm party


  1. Lovelovelove your work outfits! I'm always struggling in that department...

  2. Work outfits are the hardest!! I feel like "professional" clothes don't always reflect my real style...great picks! I especially love the second outfit!