September 13, 2011

Shopping Challenge

It's ironic that I get so many friends seeking "what to wear" advice, yet I spend more time in workout clothes than I do actually being "dressed." Katie, on the other hand, looks chic and fashionable nearly all the time! I digress...

Recently, my friend KC asked for advice on what to wear to an October wedding at a winery in Walla Walla, WA (place so nice they named it twice). I debated giving her options from Rent the Runway, a la my previous shopping challenge for ES, but in the end I decided to provide her with one stop shopping, assuming she likes my suggestions.

I am totally obsessed with this dress from ASOS. It comes in three fantastic colors, and I am certain that this silhouette would look amazing on my friend KC. And, the dress is a steal at $82.33. I may just have to buy it for myself.

I would pair it with a classic pair of black heels, either of these would be perfect. 

And a simple yet stunning clutch. This one is pretty much to die for! It's much bigger than it looks. 

As far as jewelery, I would add a few fantastic bracelets with a mix of gold and jewel tones...a small arm party, if you will.

All in, this look would cost less than $200!

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