June 3, 2011

Feature Friday-Hillary Maybery

It's my opinion (and I know I am right on this one) that there is no day when fashion is more important than on your wedding day. I wore Monique Lhuillier...and probably never will again, unless you count the times I put on my dress just to be sure it still fits. Maybe the Mini Fashionista will want to wear it someday...as if!

Anyway, once you have the perfect dress, shoes and accessories you MUST have someone equally as fabulous to capture the moment, enter Hillary Maybery! Hillary is a fantastically talented photographer from my hometown Sun Valley, Idaho. She does an amazing job of capturing every detail of a wedding, from the dress to the decor and the late night dancing.

Hillary also shoots family/baby sessions, and a Mini Session for my Mini Fashionista is at the top of my "I want" list ...even before my coveted Chanel 2.55 handbag. She's THAT Fabulous! Check out these photos of her adorable little girl Presly. I must get to Sun Valley to get my little Mini a mini-sesh ASAP!

For anyone looking for a wedding photographer, check out Hillary's blog and website. You will quickly fall head over heels for her, just like you did for your groom! P.S. Katie, C&C's other half, will gladly plan her someday wedding around Hillary's schedule.


  1. Thank you so much...TOTALLY made my day being posted on your blog!!!! and Katie I look forward working with you and becoming friends :) Big HUGS xoxo

  2. oh yeah Regan....totally call me up for a mini-fashion shoot with your adorable mini!! cant wait.....xoxo

  3. Yeah! Those are our best friends, Anthony and Victoria (the last wedding pic posted... the one with the beautiful Italians...)! :) Their wedding was amazing!!!

  4. Happy to do it Hillary! And we will definitely come visit when we are in Sun Valley!
    Meg, I had to post a photo of our fellow Loggers, especially since their wedding was so fabulous!

  5. Fantastic images! Wedding day is defintiely a big important day!