June 6, 2011


You've heard of EmersonMade, right? If you haven't, I'm hoping you've been off on some remote island in the middle of the South Pacific for the last several years. And thank goodness gracious that you have C & C to bring you up to speed. Not only will you find her online store, but also her blog, great photos, and tales of her travels.

I first came across her a few years ago when she did purses and silk flowers, but in the last few years she has expanded into clothes, and aren't we glad she did! Of course, so are the likes of Reese Witherspoon and thousands of other stylistas out there, sometimes making her things hard to come by. If you live in D.C., like I do, you can get select items at Good Wood on U Street, otherwise, you'll have to go to the world wide web! So get out from underneath that rock, I mean off that island, and check out the AMAZING EmersonMade.

Here are a few of my favorites.
1. Little Blouse - $138
2. Beautiful Indigo Blue Shirt - $128
3. Red Robin Dress - $228

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  1. i will never tire of her designs. so classic but with just the right twist to them. looooove.

  2. I LOVE Emerson Made. I have not been on their site in a while so that denim top is new to me. Just added it to my wish list.

  3. Aren't her things the best! Kate, I'm in love with the denim top too! So glad you too are fans of EmersonMade!

  4. I had no idea Good Wood carried them-- YES! So excited!

  5. Yes, Good Wood carries a limited quantity of her things. Not a lot, but at least you can try some of it on!