November 21, 2016

Les Petites PDX

C&C readers, let me introduce you to my latest venture, Les Petites PDX, a children's resale shop on Instagram.

I've teamed up with my two friends Jenny and Jennifer. 
Here's a little more about us....

We are three moms.
We each have one child.
They all attend a French School in Portland, OR.
We like our children to be well dressed.
We have expensive taste, but we're practical.
We are entrepreneurs.
We make life easier for moms.
We help you clear your closet clutter.
We make shopping easier.
We make high-end children's clothing accessible.

We've created two Instagram accounts Les Petites PDX Girl and Les Petites PDX Boy  where we will be selling.

Les Petites PDX is essentially a consignment store, but through Instagram. Here’s how it works.

- We will announce weekly sales on our FB and Instagram accounts
- At the time of the sale, we will post gently used clothing and footwear for you to buy.
- You purchase the item by being the first to comment “it’s mine” or something similar
- You private message us your email (if we don’t already have it)
- We invoice you through Paypal and ship you the item (discounted shipping offered on multiple items).
- Shipping costs are included in the list price of every item.
- We will ship anywhere in the USA.

Our launch is planned for around the first week of December, and here’s how you can be involved.

1. Follow us on Instagram (one or both accounts) and Facebook. We are hoping to get a couple hundred followers on each account by the time we have our first sale.

2. Spread the word about Les Petites PDX. Tell all your mom friends who are on Instagram to follow us! Sales and purchases are not limited to Portland, so share with moms everywhere!

If you are interested in being a seller, email us at to learn more.

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