August 16, 2016

Products We Love

Despite the fact that we have a small, single level house we have poor Internet connectivity. The router and modem are in our garage, and in our bedroom, the farthest room from the garage, our Internet connection is poor.

We recently canceled our cable and have been using Internet based TV exclusively, so the poor connection has been a bit of a drag when downloading content.

That's where Luma comes in. Nearly a year ago we pre-ordered Luma with the hope that it would solve our connectivity problem.

So what is Luma? These powerful little Lumas work together to create an outrageously-fast, ultra-secure Surround WiFi network that’s customized for your home.

Now we have this little Luma that sits in the bedroom and keeps our connection at full strength.

If you want to learn more, check out this video. I highly recommend this product!

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