August 29, 2016

Little Truths

Yesterday I posted this photo on the C&C Instagram account. I came across this print in a store called Roam in Jackson Hole. My +1 and I are here for four days as a part of a week long 10 year anniversary trip. (don't worry, there will be a travel recap).

Anyway, the post received many inquiries about the print, so since I believe that copying is a compliment, I am sharing it with you...consider yourselves lucky. Just promise you will give me credit when your friends all drool over it.

This poster encompasses everything that we want to teach the Mini Fashionista, so what better way to give her a daily reminder than by hanging this in our house (location TBD).

Ironically, Little Truths Studio artist Lori Roberts is based out of Portland! So I came all the way to Wyoming for something I could have found right at home! 

We're going to be spending the whole week in the Mountains, so this will likely be the only post this week, but I will be back after Labor Day with all sorts of good content. Stay tuned! 


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